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Six Degrees of Lust

Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan 4.5 Stars

You know those books your friends just rave about? The ones you run off to buy and mark on your TBR based on the excitement alone. This was one of those books. However, anytime a book comes with a warning in the blurb I get a little nervous. When I heard this book has a HFN ending I started to push it further down the list. Well, I finally read it and it was great. Leaving me wanting to smack myself for waiting so long to read it because I loved it. I can’t wait for the next one! Coming soon, right?

Sam is the lead of a special team of FBI agents hunting down a serial killer who is targeting gay men. He’s new to the case and the bodies are piling up. As if that’s not enough his sister and nephew move in with him after Sam finds out his brother-in-law has been physically abusing them both. Not the right time at all to meet Mac, the sexy Texan. The chemistry is instant and undeniable. Both men decide to spend the night together in the hopes of quenching their desire for each other. Sam’s a bit of a mess. A tragic ending to his marriage years before has him swearing off relationships. He doesn’t even usually see a guy more than once but Mac does something to him....

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