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Out in Colorado

Out in Colorado - Caitlin Ricci, Cari Z., George Seaton, Lichen Craig, P.D. Singer, Tabatha Heart 3.5 to 4 Stars overall

“Slip/Slide/Snow” by P.D. Singer - This was a fun short story with a twist I was not expecting. It opens with Lon being dropped off by a friend to snowboard just outside Boulder. The descriptions of the snow and scenery are vivid and I will admit to being unfamiliar with the snowboarding terminology. This did not detract from the story. We get a sense of Lons love of being out in nature from descriptions during his day. When Lon finishes for the day he learns his friend has left him to find his own way home. He meets Corey, a fellow snowboarder who has just lost his board over the side of the railing at the parking area. Lon helps Corey retrieve his board and they ride back to Boulder together. The attraction is immediate and they continue seeing one another. From here we get hints that there is more to Lon than meets the eye. I would love to say more but I will not spoil it for you. As things progress, I knew where the story was heading but it was a fun romp and I enjoyed the way Corey and Lon interacted. It was a sweet, fun, romantic story with a satisfying ending. ~ Rated 4 Stars, by Deb

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