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Two Lips, Indifferent Red

Two Lips, Indifferent Red - Tinnean 4.5 Stars

This is Kipp’s story and is told from his pov for which I am really, really glad. I just love the character and his voice. Kipp is a to-the- manor-born “blue blood” from Martinsburg, in fact the city is named after his mother’s family. Kipp calls his father “Sir”, as per Sir’s directive. Oh isn’t that sweet? Not! Kipp’s mother died shortly after he was born, and he was summarily ignored by his father and was sent off to boarding school as a child. Sir made Kipp return to attend the local high school, for reasons never made clear to Kipp. In high school, Kipp realized he was gay but never told anyone about it, he certainly figured his father would be less than accepting of such a fact. His one date with another man – Daniel, the school golden boy – turned into an embarrassing debacle. Kipp thought without a doubt he would be outed – at school, to his father and the whole city after the date, but there were absolutely zero repercussions. Hmmm……?

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