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Return to the Mountain

Return to the Mountain - P.D. Singer 4 Stars

Gary and Seth grew up near Wapiti Creek, and are best friends turned lovers. Gary’s Dad was an abusive despicable man who also stole money from Gary. As soon as Gary was of age he left and went to live with Seth and his Mom, who welcomed him like another son. Seth and Gary work hard as caddies and at various restaurant jobs in the resort town to make ends meet, but money is always very tight. Seth is content in this simple life with Gary. Gary has dreams of never having to want for anything, of being able to afford to give Seth the finer things in life that he sees others around him enjoying every day, such as custom made golf clubs, luxury condos and fancy restaurant meals. It’s more than the finer things though. It isn’t just the finer things. Gary would love to not sweat simply making the rent and paying for gas. One day when Seth becomes ill and they have emergency medical bills and medications to pay for, and zero to pay it with, Gary remembers an incident that happened to himself and Seth in the past and decides to get on his knees to make some quick money.... Nooooo ....

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