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Finding Jackie

Finding Jackie - Lou Sylvre 5 Stars - KAPOW!

This book is part of a series that needs to be read in order, with the titles Loving Luki Vasquez, followed by Delsyn’s Blues, having come prior.

Yay! It is so exciting to have Sonny and Luki back. I’m happy to acknowledge that I have been in love with both of them ever since reading the first 2 pages of “Loving Luki Vasquez.” An apropos title in many respects. Both characters are very well drawn, charismatic, compelling, and are portrayed in equal depth. Sonny definitely does not get short shrift simply because Luki is a badass law man and investigator. The reader is treated to significant character growth as both men adjust to life as a couple, and recognize the essential need to measure their individual desires and actions against how it will affect their relationship.

As the story opens, Sonny and Luki are enjoying their wedding in Hawaii....

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