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Scorpion  - Aleksandr Voinov 4 Stars

In the interest of full disclosure I will state for the record I have grey eyes.

Kendras is wounded and separated from his comrades in arms. He finds himself willing to accept prostitution to stay alive. The grey eyed man who bought Kendras is getting him medical attention and wants to take him to a place he can rest and get better. Grey Eyes, whose name is actually Steel, also wants Kendras for sex. Kendras is most concerned with what happened to the rest of his fighting unit and their Officer. He leaves his newfound safe harbor and goes to Fetin, the site of the battle, to find his comrades and superior. Some of the men from his unit, the Scorpions, are dead, but Kendras does find some still alive and being taken care of by one of their own. He is distraught at being unable to find the Officer. Kendras rapidly gets over being distraught and gets pissed off when he notices Widow, one of the men from Steel’s band of mercenaries, has been sent to fetch him. Well, that’s certainly not all Widow is doing. Widow only appears to work for Steel. He’s actually working for the government of Fetin who have employed him to find the Officer. Okay, there are certainly plans within plans...

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