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Aliens, Smith and Jones

Aliens, Smith and Jones - Blaine D. Arden 3.5 Stars

Connor is an agent with Primrose. A secret agency in charge of all things aliens. He’s currently trying to find out who keeps stealing alien artifacts. Those things in the wrong hands are incredibly scary. His job doesn’t allow for time for any real relationships to develop. So his best friend tricks him into a meeting guy named Jason. Jason is gorgeous and funny. Connor is a little surprised someone like Jason is so interested in him. Especially after all the cancellations he has to make because of his job.

A routine trip home leads to an mental attack on him. From that point on he’s always got the feeling he’s being watched. In fact he feels tingles when the presence is near. After a few more occurrences he’s convinced he needs to tell his boss. Primrose quickly finds the “stalker”, Noah, but he’s nothing like anybody expected.

This was a pretty good book. I thought the bad guy was fairly obvious which I think in this instance did take away from the book. Noah was pretty fascinating but his story was sad. The story had some ups and downs as far as pacing went. I wasn’t overly invested in the relationships. Maybe because it all got started so late in the books? I don’t know. It’s just not one of those books I feel the need to rave about but worth the read.

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