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Dark Around the Edges: We Are Family

Dark Around the Edges: We Are Family - Cari Z. 4 Stars

Devon and Rio travel to the home of Devon’s fathers, Renard and Emile. Unfortunately, they are having a bit of trouble of their own. Their foster son, Angelo, has run away again. He’s a young Cambion who really wants to have sex. Devon’s fathers foster young Cambions and help them grow into their powers without abusing them. One of the Cambions they are currently fostering is the daughter of the owner of Safeguard Systems. Yeah, lots of interesting plot string there, and just guess who her father is. We also learn Rio is somehow angelic in nature, as are Devon’s fathers. Once again it’s mentioned Devon had a very difficult childhood. He is described as being, “ill-used.” That Devon has become an upstanding adult currently working to make the world a safer place is quite the testament to Devon, Emile, and Renard. Consequently, it speaks quite a bit to the love Devon feels for Rio when Devon believes Angelo is flirting with Rio. Once Devon gets his sense of touch back there is very enthusiastic rejoicing.

This was kind of a sweet and tender segue for the story arc. Devon and Rio are obviously falling in love. While Devon is incapacitated Rio dedicates himself to making Devon as comfortable as possible. He claims to himself it’s guilt that Devon was in the position to have to make the deal with a witch at all. Uh-huh. There is also a touching moment where Rio looks to Devon for comfort and safety. He didn’t need it and Devon was blissfully unaware, but Rio still thinks of Devon as comfort when he’s afraid, so ha! He’s so in love. They both are. Now they just need to admit it to themselves and each other.

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