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Dark Around the Edges: Black Magic Woman

Dark Around the Edges: Black Magic Woman - Cari Z. 4 Stars

Episode two of Cambion, Black Magic Woman, finds our heroes Devon and Rio in Las Vegas. They are aware everyone involved with Porter Grey and his apprehension seems to have their own hidden agenda. Devon and Rio even hide things from each other. Their back up on the case, Maria, is also a relatively unknown entity to them. They don’t seem to mind. In Las Vegas Devon and Rio each have an objective. Getting what they need from their objectives is only half the battle. Lynlis Syfer can help them find Porter Grey. Of course there is a price! Devon is willing to allow Lynlis the temporary use of his sense of touch. Devon didn’t take into account all that entailed and he didn’t realize how lost he’d be without the one sense.

Lynlis Syfer was absolutely disgusting. Whereas I love the juxtaposition of a beautiful woman involved with abject horror, there is something about it that almost trips my cliché switch. Part of me is wondering if Cari Z is systematically going through all the great tropes of paranormal romance and cramming them into one series. If that’s the case she’s doing a splendid job! I love when an author can not only write a great series but finds ways to insert humor into the craft as well as the story. Umm, if that’s not the case, nevermind. Lynlis’ beauty amongst the horror of her life is hardly the only juxtaposition in this series. Rio is a huge and dangerous man with a tiny and frivolous dog, a Pomeranian named Maggie. Devon is a half demon who really wants to do the right thing.

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