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Santuario - G.B. Gordon 3 Stars

Santuario is a novel that explores social inequality and political unrest in the guise of a murder mystery. The earth is inhabited by two populations of people. The first inhabitants are called Skanians and reside in Jarovegur. They are described as tall, fair and with the names and description; a person of Scandinavian descent comes to mind. The more recent arrivals are the Santuarians whose generation ship crashes in Jarovegur. They are described as shorter, with a mix of characteristics and their language is Spanish. The Skanian people isolate the Santuarians on an island instead of welcoming them or integrating them into their society. The two groups are wary of each other and have developed vastly different cultures and political systems. The main characters, Police teniente Alex Rukow and ICE investigator Bengt from Skania spend a large part of the book finding out that their preconceived notions of each other, their countries and culture are not always correct.

The book revolves around a series of murders....

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