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Some Kind of Magic

Some Kind of Magic - R. Cooper 3 Stars

For Valentine’s Day Dreamspinner Press gave readers a few opportunities to get a free book. I am very thankful! I picked up Some Kind of Magic, by R. Cooper, primarily because it has a werewolf who is a cop as a main character. I’m easy, what can I say? It could only be better had he been a fireman and at some point in the story appeared in a kilt. So, Ray Branigan is a Homicide detective, his partner is a Siren named Penelope. When working some cases they get help from consultants. One of them, a half-fairy named Cal Parker, happens to be Ray’s mate. Ray refuses to accept it. Everyone knows fairies don’t mate for life. They lose interest, fidget, and are flighty. Even Cal’s own father, Calvin, lost his fairy wife.

Ray and Penelope get a new murder case. The victim, a sleazy defense attorney, had his neck broken and head ripped off. It was vicious and could only possibly be committed by someone very large and strong. Someone like a werewolf. Magic was involved so Cal and his partner are as well. Cal is always around, putting his scent on things, being around Ray. Driving him crazy. As the case progresses, with more murders, it becomes harder and harder for Ray to avoid Cal. Eventually he just gives in and spends a night with him....

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