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Tats of Honor

Tats of Honor - Vona Logan 3 Star

Kegan is still getting over the death of his best friend, when his fiancee dumps him for another man. He decides to make the best out of the vacation they had planned in Queenstown, New Zealand. He keeps himself busy doing all the outdoor activities he can find while he works through the betrayal. His cousin would be the first to tell him to live life to the fullest so that's what he's going to do. When he meets some new friends he should be thrilled with the attention Lisa throws at him but the strong attraction he's feeling isn't for her. It's for her male friend.

Dominic just moved into a new house after two years. It's a big step into letting go of the his lover of fifteen years but it doesn't mean he's okay. He's still completely heartbroken and can't make himself move on. His best friend, Lisa, calls him last minute to tell him she's going to visit. He'd rather wallow by himself and he knows she won't let him. She manages to pick up a gorgeous stranger for lunch one day and invites him to join them. Dominic thinks Kegan is a nice guy and Lisa sets her sights on getting a little action on vacation. For the first time in years Dominic is feeling something for another man but can he get past his guilt for a second chance at love?

This was a very sweet almost insta love story. That's not really my thing but I won't hold that against it. However I did have a few problems with some things. Kegan's sexual response to Dominic could be attributed to a long ago awakened desire of his attraction to men but he was very quick to embrace it. One sexual experience with a man in college and then years of only women makes me kind of expect more contemplation. I also found it odd that Kegan couldn't tell Dominic he was falling for him but was fine with planning on adding him to his tattoo. The P.S on the letter from his cousin threw me. I don't really know what the hell that was all about. Was his cousin supposed to be psychic? Or just know Kegan liked men? I don't think it added anything to the story and it took away from the letter itself.

The descriptions of Queenstown were great. I liked the characters and Dominic struggling with moving on was portrayed well without being too heavy. I was actually most intrigued by the little bit of back story we got on Kegan's cousin. I wanted to know more but obviously Kegan did too. Overall the story was good but I just didn't feel like it reached the level of intensity it was meant to.

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