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Chateau d'Eternite

Chateau d'Eternite - Ariel Tachna 4 Stars

I found this to be a very engaging story of self-discovery and love, set in a journey back in time to the city of Nemausus in Roman Gaul. This story was expanded from an original short.

Russ lives in modern day Tucson and although he enjoys his career as a historian, he leads a fairly lackluster life. When he receives a letter of invitation to be a guest at a French castle, he accepts – and thus starts a journey he could never have foreseen.

When Russ arrives in France at the Chateau d’ Eternite, he meets the caretaker and his soon to be mentor, Bernard. He finds out that he apparently has a genetic mutation that allows for time travel – something that select few have had over the centuries – and that these people are tracked and brought to the Chateau to be told the news and to receive training if they wish to time travel. This design is never really expounded on in the story.

The whole scenario of Russ finding out about his genetic mutation and ability to time travel is handled very quickly, and is accepted with little fuss from Russ. Maybe because he embraces it so fully there is no need for him to thoroughly examine it or to be more afraid of it? The idea of actually seeing and experiencing the history that he has always found so fascinating is more than a little intriguing to him (this reader can relate to that!!). After a “test run” to the seventeenth century (with enlightening results), Russ decides to use a two week leave from his job to try going back to second century Gaul. Russ lands in a forest, literally in the path of a Roman Legatus, Quentus Maximus, who saves Russ from a wounded boar.

Very quickly, and I do mean very, Russ also lands in bed with Quentus...

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