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Dark Around the Edges: Heaven's On Fire

Dark Around the Edges: Heaven's On Fire - Cari Z. 4.5 Stars

I kind of have a thing for serials. I try to avoid them. I really do! I get sucked in every time. Cambion: Dark Around the Edges, by Cari Z., is a serial about demons. Of course I was going there! So, in the first installment we’re introduced to Devon Harper. He’s a cambion, half-demon half human. He works for Safeguard Systems, a legitimate security company, in their more secret paranormal based branch. He hunts down demon summoners and investigates various other occult illegalities. Devon is infiltrating Tian, a den of iniquity named for Heaven, looking for Porter Grey. Porter finds him first. Well, at that point the whole situation would just work better with a rescue. Rio Pagani is sent in to rescue Devon and if possible apprehend Porter Grey. Unfortunately, Porter escaped. Doubly unfortunately, he’s now looking to apprehend Devon for his own ends. Devon, on the other hand, was in the process of getting himself out of Tian. Being part incubus Devon’s method of escape was decidedly sexual in nature. His rescue prevented his sexual plans! Thankfully, Rio is willing and able to rescue Devon there as well.

This series has one of my favorite tropes from paranormal romance. One main character has an innate power to which the other is immune. We know inherently they are together because they want to be. There won’t be pages and pages of ridiculous internal maundering along the lines of, “What if he’s only with me because my powers make him want me?” But we aren’t quite there yet with Devon and Rio. They haven’t yet begun to realize they love each other. We have to give them time, the series just started. I also like we aren’t at all sure of what Rio is. We know he’s something other than human or cambion, but not what. He’s a seven foot tall, sexy, international man of mystery with guns and bombs. What’s not to love?

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