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A Casual Weekend Thing

A Casual Weekend Thing - A.J.  Thomas 5 Stars - KAPOW!!

Detective Christopher Hayes is in the middle of his recovery from being shot when he receives word that his older brother Peter has been found dead. They say it’s suicide and they need him to come claim the body. Christopher hasn’t seen his brother since he was 12 and the last he heard the man was in prison. He has no love for his brother and he’s dealing with complications from the gun shot wound. His life is a mess right now and having to deal with his brother’s suicide is the last thing he wants to do.

Douglas Heavy Runner is not only in charge of the search and rescue team but a local cop. He gets called out to help rescue a man hanging off a cliff at the Lone Star State Park, but what he gets is a dead body. A dead body that looks to have been hanging there for quite some time. Only one thing that truly bothers Doug is the carvings that were made into the man’s skin. Now, Doug is on a search to find this man’s next of kin.

Christopher heads out to go claim his brother’s body and his possessions. Once he arrives in Montana, it’s late and he’s tired and in need of a little bit of stress relief....

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