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Steamroller - Mary Calmes 4 Stars

Vincent Wade is going to save the world with his super-plant. He just needs to get through school to do it. Working at the local copy shop is hard work, especially when privileged jocks come in and expect you to literally stop everything to help them complete their work. Umm, no! It’s pretty terrifying the next day when Vincent realizes it was Carson Cress, the star quarterback, he refused to help. Vincent runs and hides in a dressing room. A totally natural response! Carson barges his way into the dressing room and…forces Vincent to go to a party at his frat house? They also have an impromptu make-out session. It turns out Carson has been watching Vince for quite a while. Unfortunately, Vince remembers plans he had already made and has to cancel. Carson shows up at the other party!.....

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