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Simple Men

Simple Men - Eric Arvin 3 Stars

Chip Arnold is the football coach for the Verona College Growlers and big time ladies man. Chip bounces back and forth between women looking for something that will last.

When the story begins he’s dating Lynn, a professor at Verona. He likes her well enough but that’s about as far as it goes. He’s thinking about breaking it off but can’t seem to do it. Lynn feels the same way but she doesn’t want to be alone.

Foster Lewis has just taken the job of college chaplain. He’s excited to be there and happy to be rid of his ex who hurt him terribly. He just wants to start over again. He wants a fresh start away from the pain and the nightmares.

When Lynn asks Chip to help Foster carry in the new pews for the chapel, Chip never thought it would be such a big deal until he sees Foster. He realizes pretty quickly that he’s attracted to the man and that alone causes him to run away like a crazy person. He thinks he can stay away from the man but a chance meeting in a coffee shop and some chocolate chip muffins is all it takes and he’s hooked....

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