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Horn Gate

Horn Gate - Damon Suede 4 Stars

This is kind of a brilliant but ugly duckling meets supernatural…… something lust/love at first sight story.. I really enjoyed the first half but got kind of lost towards the end. It may just be that I’m not familiar enough with Jewish folklore or whatever but I caught myself rereading bits to grasp what was happening. If I was able to understand it better I’m sure I would have enjoyed the story more. I did like it and will pick up the next volume he puts out.

The blurb pretty much sums up the story and at 73 pages I don’t think I should try to rehash any of it in a review. I thought the humor was pretty good. Things like the guy with “HOLE” written on his chest at the sex club was both twisted and funny. I liked seeing things from Isaac’s POV. He’s kind of manic but determined to know WTH he stumbled onto that night. He’s also compelled to save Scratch at any cost. There was enough doubt to make you question if Scratch was indeed the evil being he’s portrayed to be or something in the grey area. Seeing him through Isaac’s eyes kind of makes you wonder if faced with that temptation what you would do. The judge made for a deliciously frightening baddie.

Overall I like the story minus the confusion towards the end. I do want to know what happens with these two and look forward to whatever’s ahead for them. I’m sure their troubles aren’t over. This book is absolutely worth the pricetag DSP has put on it. Go get it!

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