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Never a Hero

Never a Hero - Marie Sexton 4 Stars

I started out loving this book and I ended up liking it very much. I think up until the reveal I was totally into to it, then it tapered off from a romance with great tension and buildup to a lot of realization and heavy topics. Yes, I like my books to have depth beyond smexy but it really changed the tone of the book for me. I wasn’t smiling anymore or feeling the heat between the characters. I wanted them together because they both deserved to be loved and obviously wanted each other. Nick was beyond adorable. A gorgeous man who rescues puppies and cooks? Hell yeah. I’d be putty, too!

Owen was born without part of his arm. He’s pretty much let his feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment over not being “normal” direct his path in life. If he ever does pick himself up, his awful excuse of a mother makes sure to knock him down. I very much disliked her, but she was done in a very real way. Angry and cruel without being over the top. Owen has finally moved away from his parents, but he’s a total recluse. He works from home and has his food delivered. He’s not housebound but being around people makes him uncomfortable.

His new neighbor, Nick, kind of jolts him out of his comfort zone and the two begin a friendship....

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