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Counterpunch - Aleksandr Voinov 4 Stars

You commit a crime and you get convicted. You get convicted to life and you lose your freedom. You lose your freedom and you become a slave.

As horrible as it seems I can’t stop admiring the brilliancy of this world wherein this story lives and breathes. And if you’re looking for the typical boxing story I’d suggest you leave it now and go look elsewhere. This book is so much more.

In a world where you can lose your freedom in a matter of seconds and your life is no longer in your hands Brooklyn Marshall makes a terrible mistake and ends up a slave. However having troubles accepting this new state and guilt for what he did gnawing during the silent nights he is quite different from other slaves that seem to have submitted to their life. Brook can’t do that because slave he might be but up there in the ring he is as free as he’s ever been, perhaps maybe more.

A cop turned to criminal turned to slave his only true life is while he’s face to face with “the enemy” and his pride will not let him fall down. Brook the “Mean Machine” though turns into nothing more than a slap of meat once the match is over. Rented for the night to clients with fantasies, women that want to feel the rough boxer take them mercilessly, men that want to see that “Machine” subdued and submit to them. Hence it comes as a surprise to Brook when Nathaniel, his latest client, doesn’t use him. It comes as a shock that Nathaniel only gives him pleasure without taking back. What feels as if the world has turned upside down though is the fact that Brook after a few “meetings” with Nathaniel wants him too....

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