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Prelude - Shira Anthony, Venona Keyes 5 Stars - KAPOW!

Wow!! The authors have outdone themselves with this latest installment in the wonderful “Blue Notes” series. David, Alex, their music, their passion, their struggles, their perseverance … all portrayed wonderfully in this story.

I love music. I love Chicago. I love vulnerable men. I love artistically talented men. I love kind, patient, understanding men. I love men in love. I love good friends. Wrap all of these together in a thoroughly engaging and beautifully told story.. and you have Prelude.

David comes from a wealthy family. His parents died when he was four years old, unfortunately leaving him with a hard- nosed grandfather who expected him to carry on the family business and not pursue his love of music. David stood up to his grandfather and pursued his dream, becoming a very talented musician and maestro – indeed going on to become maestro for the Chicago Symphony. Despite his professional success, David has never fully come to terms with his insecurities – most of which have root in the way he was treated by his grandfather. Enter violinist extraordinaire, Alex. Extremely talented, extremely comfortable in his (tattooed) skin, Alex takes an interest in David after performing with the symphony. David is attracted to Alex, but fights it. Alex is just a contrived persona, right? He’s a Hollywood production, hot-shot snot, not a “true” musician, right? This is where David starts a journey of discoveries....

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