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Offside Pass

Offside Pass - Stephani Hecht 3 Stars

When Devon and his brothers pull up to the run down arena that is the home of their latest hockey team, the Battle Creek Hawks, they know it’s their last opportunity to keep doing the only thing they know how to do – play hockey. The brothers had been poised on the brink of sports superstardom but with the death of, first their father five years previously, and then their mother a year ago, their antics and on ice brawling landed them in the bottom of the barrel minor league team that hadn’t won a game in three years. And no wonder with a team that was more interested in playing as individuals and an ineffectual and apathetic coach who had lost all control of his team.

Devon, as the oldest of the three brothers (even if it was only by nine minutes), tries to reign in his twin, Chad, and youngest brother, Trey, but more often than not ended up joining in. When they start brawling with each at their very first game, before banding together against a member of the opposing team when he makes homophobic slurs towards the gay brothers, Devon and Trey, you just know these boys are going to be trouble with a capital T! Saul is the new sports reporter for the local newspaper. A job he lied his way into knowing nothing at all about sport, but when he lays eyes on Devon, his interest, amongst other things, definitely perks up. Devon feels the same intense attraction, but he’s wary of reporters. Very wary. With Devon’s strong rebuff, Saul’s reporter senses tell him the brothers are hiding something and he’s determined to find out what it is....

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