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Be My Alien

Be My Alien - M.A. Church, Julie Lynn Hayes 3 Stars

“Be My Alien”, by MA Church and Julie Lynn Hayes, starts with Taz being dumped while on a date to Earth. Vorlod, who Taz has liked for quite some time, was simply using Taz to make another man jealous. Vorlod abandons Taz on a viewing platform of the Empire State Building. He doesn’t have money, a place to stay, or a way to get home. Taz is very lucky Reed is delivering a package to a wealthy client on the very same viewing platform. Reed catches Taz when he falls. It’s lust at first sight. When Taz’s stomach growls Reed can’t not take him for food. When Reed learns of Taz’s disastrous date he can’t not take care of him. It doesn’t hurt he really wants Taz. Taking the sexy stranger home was a decision easily made. Once things get hot and heavy between Reed and Taz back at Reed’s place Reed begins to notice some anomalies on Taz. Tiger stripes on his skin kind of anomalies that bring to mind a science fiction story about aliens. Reed quickly puts together all the little things that are odd or anomalous and correctly surmises Taz is an alien. Despite that Reed is unable to turn away the sexy and somewhat fragile man. Even though Taz is quite literally an alien Reed still likes and wants him....

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