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One Breath One Bullet

One Breath One Bullet - S.A. McAuley 5 Stars - KAPOW!!

You could say S.A. McAuley has a way with words ... And my God but you’d be right! She has a way of weaving a story that just sucks me in, and holds me tight – right til the end! Leaving me begging for more! I loved her book “Immovable Solitude” and this new book, part of a brand new series, maintains her high standard of storytelling. If I tell you that there were parts that had me thinking about Special Forces and Rifter – then you know just how good it must be!

“Five countries, five leaders. Two warring causes. One bullet...”

The world building in “One Breath, One Bullet” is gradual and great! No huge infodump. But Sam rather casually mentions things as the story unfurls; and then at the very end ties everything up with a glossary of terms and a timescale of events … Do Not Jump Ahead! Read it at the end To me there is no huge difference to today, which as a “non-tech-person” I liked…. okay, so they have personal transporter chips and need air purifiers, but there is no big technological leap.

This is just a mini breakdown – the year is 2558, so 545 years in the future, and the world has been divided into just 5 countries – the People’s Republic of Singapore (PRS), the United Union, the Continental States (CS), the American Federation and the Dark Continental Republic. (Seriously… Sam, if you read this …. I want a map in the next book!!) Air needs to be purified and electrical storms are commonplace (I could almost feel the crackle through my kindle). All paperwork was destroyed in a massive Paper Purge, with everything being stored electronically …. only for targeted electromagnetic pulses to wipe everything out. By whom? And why? One infochip remains. It is Merq’s mission to find it, so that all the information stored on it can be used. Can you imagine a world with no data storage? Would civilisation remain as it was if all knowledge was lost? And without records is knowledge actually lost? Would it be like starting again? I found this aspect of the book fascinating! ...

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