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Loving Luki Vasquez

Loving Luki Vasquez - Lou Sylvre 3.5 Stars

I’ve gone back and forth on how to rate this book. Part of it seemed to demand my attention and some parts seemed to crawl. Overall I liked the story and will most likely continue with the series.

The book starts with Sonny noticing the enigmatic stranger in town watching him. Sonny gets a bit tongue tied but he’s done something right because Luki lets Sonny know where he’ll be every morning having coffee just in case the shy Sonny wants to meet up with him again. Sonny can’t stop thinking about Luki and musters up the nerve to show up at a local coffee shop hoping for the chance of seeing him again. The first few conversations the guys have don’t go so great. Neither Luki nor Sonny is used to much more than physical relief with men they’re attracted to because relationships aren’t something they do but something compels them to each other. When someone targets Sonny with a hate crime, it gives them and excuse to stick close to each other. Of course Luki uses his detective skills and team to find out who is threatening Sonny...

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