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All Bets Are Off

All Bets Are Off - Marguerite Labbe 5 Stara - KAPOW!

Wow!! Did this book hit all the right buttons for me. This is my comment after reading the first 30% of the story:

“So good!! Compelling protags, interesting twists to their developing relationship and underlying “what’s gonna happen next” subplot. I’ll be up late again “

Those sentiments continued for me all the way through the book. Ash and Eli were both fully developed, interesting and believable characters. They had an amazingly “real” feel to them, as did all of the characters and the entire story arc. The relationship between Ash and Eli developed at a wonderfully smoldering pace and I love how they really were in tune with each other, truly came to know each other. What really helped set this story apart from so many M/M I read is the excellent use of subplots revolving around the romance. The author wove them all together to create an excellent story, relationship and setting. I did not want this book to end. Seems there is more to look forward to, as this story is labeled as a #1 in a series, and there is a free read Christmas story follow up as well. Looking forward to more!

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