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After the End

After the End - Alex Kidwell 4 Stars

A wonderfully written warm and heartfelt story about two men falling in love with each other – Quinn is still mourning the death of his partner of ten years and Brady, well, he’s never been in love before.

As the story opens, it’s been 2 years since Quinn’s partner of 10 years, Aaron, has died of cancer. We meet Quinn & Brady for the first time as they are first meeting each other. I found both characters completely endearing from the start, and was really empathizing and rooting for Quinn to move beyond his deep feelings of loss and inability to move forward with his life. I also found myself hoping Brady wouldn’t do something to cause Quinn further pain – and vice versa, as Brady was clearly smitten with Quinn from the start.

The story is told from Quinn’s pov, which make his reactions that much more relatable, since we are in touch with his inner dialogue. Although, I must say at times it would have been interesting to know just what was going on in Brady’s mind while he was dealing with Quinn’s ups and downs....

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