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Widdershins - Jordan L. Hawk 5 Stars - KAPOW!

The first line of the blurb for Widdershins states “some things should stay buried”. That may be so, but that certainly does not pertain to author Jordan L. Hawk, or this wonderful tale she has woven.

It was with great anticipation that I started reading this book (I profess to have a love for both historical and paranormal stories) and I found myself so very quickly captivated by the main characters of Whyborne and Griffin that I could barely put it down.

This story is told by Dr. Percival Whyborne, a 27 year old philologist who is fluent in 13 languages. Whyborne (he prefers going by his surname for reasons that become clear during the story) comes across as a soft spoken, socially inept, stuttering, bookish man to most of those he works with at the Ladysmith historical museum in the town of Widdershins. He outwardly projects a layer of walls that he has put up as a means for coping with the tragic loss of his best friend Leander (whom he secretly loved, and whose death he feels responsible for), and an estranged relationship with his less than supportive father. I warmed immediately to Whyborne – he so obviously embodied a “still waters run deep” persona in my eyes.

Griffin Flaherty, private detective and ex Pinkerton investigator, comes to the museum seeking Whyborne’s expertise in translating a book obtained from a client whose son was killed under mysterious circumstances. Griffin, while bold, is also gracious, warm and witty. It quickly becomes apparent that Whyborne’s interest is sparked by many aspects surrounding the book, not the least of which is the attractive and intriguing Griffin himself. Hmm, yes Whyborne, despite all of your self- deprecating thoughts, I do believe those walls may be soon crumbling…

And, as they say ... we’re off!

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