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Stubborn Heart

Stubborn Heart - Ken  Murphy 3 Stars

Mark Smith is a Nurse at Atlanta General.

Trevor Hayes is a Doctor in the fellowship program.

These two men meet when Mark’s giving orientation to the newcomers. Both of them are immediately attracted to each other but Mark doesn’t want to get involved with the doctor. They work together, not to mention Mark’s still guarding himself from being hurt. His last boyfriend cheated on him at every chance he could get and its effected Mark deeply. Trevor wants Mark and he’s determined to get him. He will stop at nothing to get him to go on a date. Mark finally agrees and then panics. He’s so afraid of what could go wrong that he’s not considering how right it could be.

The two men start to date and things between them slowly progress into love. Well, at least there’s love on Trevor’s part. Mark is still trying to convince himself it’s all just fun and games but you can see that’s not working all that well for him. Then Trevor’s world is turned upside down when someone close to him dies and Mark is there for him every step of the way. Mark’s guard is slowly crumbling but he still knows in the back of his mind that Trevor will be leaving him soon. Trevor’s fellowship is almost over and he’ll have to find a real job and that means leaving Mark behind. Mark doesn’t want things between them to end and without meaning to, he hurts Trevor a few times with his words. Thank goodness Trevor’s best friend Derrick is there to set things straight.

The guys get together for the night and tragedy strikes. They’re robbed at gunpoint and one of them doesn’t make it out unscathed. It’s that close call that gives Mark the guts to finally make his decision. He loves Trevor and doesn’t want to lose him.

It started off pretty slow but once it picked up, I was all in. I will give the readers a warning though. The switching of point of views was hard for me. It switches without warning and I had to reread some things to make sure I was understanding who was speaking and thinking at that moment. Once I got used to it, I didn’t notice as much.

This was a very sweet book. I enjoyed the side characters and would like to see Derrick get a story of his own someday.

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