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Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude - K.A. Mitchell 4 Stars

I love KAM! She can write such meaningful smut, which is what I like! It’s just so much hotter when the chemistry and emotion jumps off the page at you and that’s what I’ve come to expect from her books.

Police officer Jamie meets Gavin while dragging him and his rich buddy out of the water. He’s just doing his job but Gavin is the son of a very important person so with that comes some hoopla like a party in his honor. Most people would love the attention from the Montgomery’s, Jamie thinks it’s ridiculous, but his captain has made it clear he’s to attend and behave or else. At the part he’s escorted around by the sexy and carefree man whose life he saved. When Gavin drags him off to thank him properly Jamie shoots him down before things get too heated leaving Gavin wanting more. He persists after Jamie and gets him to agree to go to a party with him. Jamie, who has been celibate way too long, is shocked but willing when he finds Gavin has taken him to a sex party. They separate with the intention of finding their fun with a different partner but are inexplicably drawn back together for some of the best sex either man has had. It’s good and at the end of the night both realizes one night isn’t enough to satiate the hunger they have for each other. Neither man wants a commitment but screwing around until the fire dulls sounds nice. Why not? Problem is things get deeper faster than either man is prepared for....

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