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The Gifted One

The Gifted One - Jacob Z. Flores 4.5 Stars

The blurb on this book sounded so good, I had to read it. The cover was stunning and the concept was intriguing. We have God, his angels and the archangel Gabriel as a guardian angel to The Gifted One in one m/m, paranormal romance. Sold! I was eager to dig in for a great read and I was not disappointed.

Tragedy stalks Matthew Westlake relentlessly, especially on his birthday. He lost his family and he continues to have near-death experiences every year on this day. Matt is the seventh son of a seventh son who is known to Heaven as a Gifted One and although Matt is unaware of it, he has a larger destiny to fulfill. He is a skilled nurse who was born with a “knowing” that is particularly helpful in diagnosing what ailments affect his patients. He is a man who is happy assisting others. Matt is also in search of true love so the timing is perfect as Gabriel appears to save Matt’s life on his birthday this year. Once he is safe, Matt can’t get the intense connection he feels for his unexpected savior out of his mind.....

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