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The Heracian Affair

The Heracian Affair - Liv Olteano 4 Stars

Liv Olteano’s The Heracian Affair has me a bit perplexed. I know I liked it but don’t know how to sum it up in a tidy package. Rizzo Berg was ambling around in his love life. No one he met had that certain something. No one had it, whatever it is. Then he was kidnapped by aliens. Surely it could happen to anyone. The Heracians are a genetically engineered race that needs a new influx of DNA. Many of them see their offspring die at birth or during infancy. Rizzo saw it as the horror it is and agreed to help them. There is one particular Heracian that has Rizzo on edge. Conrad D’Ollet is in charge of the vessel that kidnapped Rizzo. Kidnap is a strong word. The Heracians will return Rizzo to his bedroom with his mind wiped if he wants to go back home. They aren’t actually holding him against his will and Rizzo doggedly refuses to deal with what Conrad makes him feel.

Every society has rules specific to it. On Heracia the etiquette surrounding food is significantly different to that on earth. Rizzo refuses to take this on face value and accidentally enters into a relationship with Conrad with a simple offer of food. Really. Yeah, it was way simpler than he realized to get involved with someone. Only Conrad isn’t just someone, Conrad has it. That indefinable it. The last person that had it was Rizzo’s first lover....

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