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Closet Capers

Closet Capers - Maja Rose, Debussy Ladnier, Eli Easton, Jude Dunn, Pinkie Rae Parker, Amy Rae Durreson, Mari Donne, Aidee Ladnier, Ari McKay, Skylar Jaye, Danni Keane, Christopher Hawthorne Moss, Andrea Speed 4 Stars

In “Tempest for a Teacup” we return to Echo City to spend some time with Jake and Kyle currently in an on-again phase of their relationship. Jake is at work when a twink walks in. He’s Chambray Lodge and his Morkie is missing! Whatever, he’s paying a thousand dollars cash to have Princess found. Jake takes the case. The problem is that day also happens to be his and Kyle’s anniversary. Kyle decides the way to solve this dilemma is to solve the case together. They begin searching around the park where Princess was lost which just happens to have an incredibly good gourmet ice cream truck. Then the Echo City dog pound which turns up nothing. Suddenly Chambray calls Jake with information he’s received a ransom demand for ten thousand dollars. It seems incredibly fishy to both Jake and Kyle. That dog is worth more than ten thousand the Lodge family certainly has enough money to pay much more. They go to the Lodge home to talk to Chambray and find much more than they expected.

It was great to see Jake and Kyle again. As dark as some parts of their story have been with Jake’s drinking and the rampant corruption of Echo City policemen I was a bit surprised this short was so lighthearted. I was sitting in a crowded hallway full of parents waiting for my kid to get out of practice reading this story and laughing out loud about a celebutante sleeping with a “lesser Kardashian.” Yeah, I got looks. And I’m excited about what could maybe be another book for them. Or at least the fact Kyle sees them together long enough to solve mysteries together. I would, of course, be very thankful if that happened on paper, and I could read it.

The mystery in “A Kiss in the Dark” is about a stolen kiss in (you guessed it!) the DARK! I think the synopsis for this is really sexy… Lane is at a Xmas party, and he is wearing his lavender shirt. His starched lavender shirt. Irresistible right? When the lights go out somebody grabs hold of him and pushes him up against the wall, kissing the hell out of him! When the lights come back on again – nobody seems to be the obvious perpetrator. Who can it be? And can Lane get over it?

This story is an absolute gem – cute, funny and sexy! The story is told through Lane’s POV and he is a treat! He works with his close friend Josh, running their own business and from that kiss on – he is looking at everyone through “lavender tinted glasses”. Can you imagine how bittersweet to have experienced what is, to date, the best kiss of your life? And have no clue who it could be? Lane has a reputation for being a bit of a player, so he is hesitant to come out and ask people who had been at the party if they saw anything – as that would entail admitting how easily he surrendered to the kiss. So he enlists the help of his straight housemate, who suggests hypnosis. Fun times! Go. Buy the Book!

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