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The Unforgiving Minute

The Unforgiving Minute - Sarah Granger 4.5 Stars

I’ll admit to knowing very little about tennis except that it looks like a blast to play. So pardon me if I sound like I need to read tennis for dummies speak during this review. Rest assured the author knew her stuff and it all seemed researched thoroughly. My love of all things sports led me to snatch this book up when given the chance to review it and I’m so glad I did!

Ryan is in his first year on tour with the big boys after years of playing in the minors, whatever that is for tennis. I warned you! He is steadily moving up and his passion and pure enjoyment for the game is making him a fan favorite. Ryan is a down to earth guy who loves people so the tour is lonely for him. He hasn’t made big money from being a professional tennis player yet and is thrilled with all the upscale things the tours have to offer. Ryan is also totally star struck to be meeting and playing the tennis stars he’s been idealizing from afar but none more than Josh Andrews. Josh Andrews is practically a god in Ryan’s mind so he’s a little upset when his first few meetings leave him thinking Josh may be a cold prima donna. The rumors and opinions of his fellow athletes don’t discourage that perception.

When an injury gives Ryan a chance to join the US team he jumps at it. Also on the team is Josh Andrews ....

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