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Something New Under the Sun

Something New Under the Sun - L.A. Witt 5 Star - KAPOW!!

“Something New Under the Sun” by L.A. Witt is an adrenalin-filled, memorable read. It’s got something for everyone: fabulous plot, gripping action, humor, romance and sizzling chemistry.

The story begins seamlessly within hours of where “Chip In His Shoulder” ends. Liam Lansing is a bio-modified vampire living in Gutter who has made his way as an assassin to survive after his family disowns and disinherits him for loving a human. Daniel Harding, the once heir to the sinister conglomerate Cybernetix is now living in Gutter with Liam after the two foil his father’s attempt to kill him. Liam and Daniel, abandoned by those who should have loved and kept them safe, unite to stop Daniel’s father and Cybernetix in this futuristic future world of haves and have-nots.

L.A. Witt delivers a gripping read, filled with outstanding world building, wicked surprises and taut suspense as the two main characters attempt to stay true to their own principles as they rediscover love and relearn the meaning of commitment. Bonded by love and necessity, they fight to save themselves, their families and the people of Sky and Gutter from Daniel’s father. They revel in the reawakening of love and understanding of choices each has made that brought them to where they stand.

As hardened as Liam and Daniel have become....

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