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Turbulence Collection

Turbulence Collection - Jordan Castillo Price 5 Star - KAPOW!

Turbulence Collection contains the following novelettes: Into the Bermuda Triangle, Autopilot Engaged, Red-Eye Dawn, Connecting Flight, Black Box, Flying Blind, Radio Silence, and Final Boarding – the review is of the series in it’s entirety.

I’m still basking in the afterglow of this series. I first began the Turbulence books back in May. I read the first four as soon as they were available then stalled. I read the final four in one night. I’m still processing the experience. Paul Cronin is an AVA pilot on a new assignment. He needs a change. Dallas Turner has had change thrust upon him by the suicide of his usual pilot, Marlin Fritsch. Paul was fully incapable of conceiving of the kind of change that was impending, because in his mind the Bermuda Triangle is a bunch of craziness. There are reasonable explanations for everything. Then he hit the turbulence and entered an empty Bermuda with Dallas and their flight Captain Kaye Lehr. The Bermuda Triangle is completely real. Paul has some trouble coming to grips with this. Despite liking Dallas, who is the flight attendant, he needs to get away to deal. Unfortunately Paul doesn’t really have a good network of friends to help him deal. He’s not at home when he’s at home. Paul has no choice but to deal with the fact the Bermuda Triangle is real. Real! Meanwhile Dallas is still dealing with his friend Marlin’s suicide. Marlin had been trying to solve the mystery of the turbulence while Dallas has been dealing with the “autopilot” versions of anyone who stays in the cockpit. They’re embodiments of some aspects of the person’s personality. He’s also watched his niece, of whom he has custody, graduate and go to college. Dallas has been left behind....

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