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Choices (Golden Collar #1)

Choices (Golden Collar #1) - Grace R. Duncan 3 Star

Choices, by Grace R. Duncan, is a story of pleasure slaves. They didn’t start out as pleasure slaves. Teman and Jasim were Gypsy thieves who were caught in a heist. They were given the choice of becoming pleasure slaves or spending the rest of their lives in an underground dungeon. Yeah, I’d go slave too. Of course the pleasure part of it doesn’t really belong to the slave. They’re giving the pleasure. If they get some along the way that’s lucky for them. The Malik Mukesh gets his pleasure sadistically. He likes to tease and beat slaves, using their sexual conditioning against them. He’s a real creep. The amir, Bathasar, also thinks his father is a creep, and he can’t stand the way his dad treats the slaves, especially Teman. After Teman thwarts an assassination attempt, Bathasar takes him for the night. The two guys fall hard and fast for each other. Of course it’s not all wine and roses for a slave in the land of Malik Mukesh. Teman gets publicly beaten by Mukesh. To compound matters Teman’s friend Jasim is given away to prevent an international incident precipitated by the public beating....

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