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Small Miracles

Small Miracles - Ellen Holiday 4 Stars

Cal lives on the street. After a night of being moved along everywhere he tries to hide from the cold and rain, he sneaks into a bar. While trying to hide in the shadows because he doesn’t have any money to order anything, he’s approached by the waitress to say his cover has been paid so he’s welcome to relax. Able to enjoy the warmth he looks around to see a gorgeous man watching him. He must be the person who took pity on him. He approaches him and offers him dinner. The two talk a little. He learns the kind man is Matt. Matt offers him a place to stay for the night. Cal is weary of Matt’s offer. He seems like a nice enough guy but Cal hasn’t ever crossed the line of trading sex for money, food or shelter and he doesn’t want to start now. Still, it’s freezing outside and a night in a bed seems like heaven so he agrees. He also finds Matt very attractive and the idea of sleeping with him for that does appeal to him. Once at Matt’s home the normalcy of a shower and warmth seem to push him to wanting to enjoy the night to its full extent, including being kissed and held by Matt.

This was a wonderfully romantic story about finding that someone who just speaks to your soul almost from the first moment. I’m not always a fan of love at first site and the guys don’t do that exactly but they see in each other something that makes them feel complete. Matt is all in but Cal has some reservations about giving himself hope and trusting in someone again. The author did a great job sucking you into Sean’s head. Expressing what it’s like to be cold, hungry, and how when you’re dirty and feel like the nothing people treat you like it’s hard to pick yourself up out of the gutter. Even when someone offers you help. It really was a lovely story that any romantic at heart should enjoy.

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