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The Knight

The Knight - Kate Sherwood 4 Stars

About a week after the revolution we again are in the lives of Adam Challoner and Remy Stone in Kate Sherwood’s “The Knight”. This time we have Adam’s POV. He is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work that needs to be accomplished to make the provisional government function and feels as though he has to fight for every small thing the ruling counsel decides upon. Then Adam’s wife and daughter show up. Oh yeah, good times! Understandably, Remy pulls away from Adam. He leaves the Capitol building and goes to work with Dar in the city dispensing aid. It’s an important and dangerous job. Adam is crushed. He is unable to keep the people to whom he is most strongly attached safe from harm. The irony that Adam could order his loved ones to safety in Europe against their will and prove himself to be a raging hypocrite is not lost on him. Really, he just wants to do the right thing. He doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as the previous government despite the ease and effectiveness of their tactics. Adam, always, doesn’t want to be an ass hole. For that, someone tries to kill him.

Remy and Dar return to the Capitol and provide security. Adam is happy to have Remy back. Adam’s daughter takes a moment to adjust to her dad having a former whore in his bed. Remy and Dar are serious in their job. Adam still doesn’t initiate sex with Remy. They’re physically intimate in non-sexual ways, but he sees in Remy a man who was forced to have sex for years. A man who still doesn’t know his own emotions. Then things go from complex to worse. Yeah, Kate Sherwood made me cry. Shocker! Anyway, Remy and Adam’s sexual stalemate comes to a head when Remy demands the right to make his own sexual choices even if they’re bad ones. He’s more aware of his own emotions and needs than Adam has been giving him credit for. Then the colonies declare independence and threaten to starve all the citizens of earth. The ruling Council is evenly split on whether or not to negotiate or used armed force against the rebellion. Several situations come to a breaking point at the same time leaving Remy in the hospital and the citizens of North America fed. Adam wants out. He realizes what is truly important and plans his life accordingly with Remy, and pets he doesn’t remember owning. Yeah, horses are involved....

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