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The Pawn

The Pawn - Kate Sherwood 4.5 Stars

The newest offering from Kate Sherwood is The Pawn. It’s the first in the Against the Odds series. It’s quite unlike her previous books as it contains no horses. The stables described herein are full of whores. I admit, I have a soft spot for whores in fiction. I don’t think it’s any stranger than liking fantasy. Really! Anyway, Remy Stone is a whore in a futuristic, unequal society. He uses the name David. His pimp sends him to the hotel suite of Adam Challoner. Adam won’t have sex with “David.” He doesn’t even want him there at all. Remy uses all his seductive wiles and years of skill to at least manage a blow job. Then terrorists attack the hotel. Remy happens to know one of them. He spends days in interrogation, gets released and is immediately sent to work. It just so happens he’s sent to the estate of Adam Challoner. Who let’s him sleep. Then for the next two days Adam feeds Remy, lets him relax, teaches him chess, and refuses to have sex with him. In short, Adam spends two days treating Remy like a human. Remy can’t just go back to sex work after that. He also can’t refuse to go back to sex work after that. Drugs are his only solution to make continued work as a whore bearable.

Two different clients of Remy’s think the new drugged out Remy shouldn’t continue to work as a whore. One of them is Adam Challoner. Mr. Baryman, Remy’s pimp, absolutely hates Adam Challoner and sees in Remy the means to destroy him. Little does Mr. Baryman know Adam is part of the terrorist group that bombed the hotel. Remy didn’t know either, and boy is it awkward when the two of them meet and learn who they really are! Remy now has a lot of knowledge that he simply shouldn’t have. That doesn’t bode well if the government ever decides to interrogate him again. Despite the awfulness of the first interrogation it could have been so much worse. Adam tries to get Remy out of the country and to safety. Remy refuses to leave. He wants to be a part of something that matters. He wants to stop being a person for whom decisions are made. It’s time for him to take a stand against the extreme exploitation he’s been subjected to since the age of nine....

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