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Once a Brat

Once a Brat - Kim Dare 4 Stars

Marcus is being stalked by a brat. He’s explained the dom chooses the sub, but this brat doesn’t seem to hear no. Marcus won’t even let himself look at him. Until he does. Then he won’t let himself play with him. Until he does. The brat, named Bret, is gorgeous. After one scene with Marcus Bret wants another. He won’t settle for anything other than another scene with Marcus. Everything in Bret yearns to submit to Marcus. Meanwhile, Marcus is terrified of the depth of his desires for Bret. Seeing a young untrained sub submit so fully to him is almost overwhelming. The irresistible force of Bret’s yearning finally comes into real conflict with the immovable object of Marcus’ fear when Bret forces the question. Marcus has to answer if he loves Bret as Bret loves him.

There was nothing new and innovative in this book. Kim Dare has written it before, and I don’t care. I read Dare for the characters. Their journey is always on the BDSM road and the destination is always HEAville yet I find her books as addicting as Spicy Sweet Chili flavored Doritos. For me the characters reactions feel genuine, understandable, and add to the storyline. Marcus was terrified of taking on the responsibility of a sub for life. Bret needed to feel his submission to Marcus was important. Despite similar circumstances Dare’s characters always have their own reasons for their relationships. For that I will always buy and read her books.

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Live Your Life, Buy The Book