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Off Stage: Right

Off Stage: Right - Jaime Samms 3 Stars

For the most part I try to choose books to review I have a shot at enjoying. I doubt I’ll ever be a person willing to read and review anything put in front of me. There are just some things I know I won’t enjoy and don’t feel it’s fair to penalize what may be a well written book because I dislike the subject. Unfortunately, Off Stage: Right by Jaime Samms, was a well written book that simply isn’t my cup of tea. Damian and Lenny are in a terrible relationship. Damian is a drug user and Lenny is a domestic abuser. No one suspects that of Lenny as he was himself a victim or domestic violence. Seriously, people need to look at stats of how frequently abuse victims become abusers. That was very well written. The co-dependency runs both ways and it doesn’t help that these two also work together as they’re in the same band, Firefly. From the outside looking in everyone sees Damian slowly destroying Lenny with his personal self destruction. Enter Stanley and Vance. They are also in a relationship. It’s kind of a casual friends who have sex type of thing. Stanley is a talent manager and wants to sign Firefly. Vance is a country star and one of Stanley’s biggest clients. Amidst much drama Firefly signs a contract with Stanley. Things go both uphill and downhill from there....

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