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Arresting Love

Arresting Love - Silvia Violet 4 Stars

This is book 2 of the Wild R Farm series. Billy is a little bitter. The man he wanted fell for someone else. He can’t just walk away because that man happens to be the owner of the ranch he manages. He loves the farm and his job. Not to mention the world hasn’t entirely accepted shifters so the Wild R farm is a safe place. No, he just has to learn to accept him and Cole will only be friends. It stings but Jonah makes Cole so happy and he is a good guy. Cole sensing his friend isn’t all that happy forces a short vacation on him.

Billy makes a weak attempt at getting out and having fun but after seeing two men in a loving relationship, a cheap thrill isn’t what he wants. On his way home he spots a young man huddling from the cold at a bus stop in the middle of the night. Billy knows no busses are coming and he remembers when he was on the streets after being thrown out by his parents. So he stops to offer help and finds a beautiful and scared young shifter named, Levi. He’s instantly attracted but feels like a jerk because the guy is young and afraid. He offers the boy his help and offers him a job at the ranch. He’s some kind of shifter, Billy is sure, but what kind or why the boy is afraid is a mystery because Levi refuses to tell him. Billy decides to let him keep his secrets for now in the hopes he’ll open up once he trusts Billy. He takes him back to his hotel to get some sleep and discovers the boy has a vicious gash up his abdomen. If the boy is a shifter he should have healed but the boy won’t let him treat it even though it’s obviously infected. Adding to the mystery of the beautiful boy he needs to protect, but from what?

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