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The Best

The Best - Tinnean 4 Stars

I enjoyed this book. I’m a little surprised by some of the reviews I have read about it. If I hadn’t already been a fan of Tinnean’s Spook series I may have skipped this. Thankfully I didn’t. This was a lovely romance. The story revolves around the couple and how they found their way to each other. Not a lot of angst or action but I don’t think every book I read needs that. Some stories are beautiful in their simplicity.

This book starts off with both MCs getting their hearts broken on Valentine’s Day. It’s a little sad but you know good things are about to happen. It’s a romance damn it! Anyway, after Parrish gets his heart broken his financial situation goes south and he has to drop out before his senior year at college. This means getting a job and ends up working as a temp for Ransom as the secretary to his secretary. Ransom is gorgeous, kind and rich. So he should have no problem replacing his bastard ex-lover who dumped him after six years to marry a woman. He starts new relationships on a more practical basis, making his lovers promise monogamy and in exchange he treats them well and he’s generous. So he’s keeping his heart out of it but not being unkind. Each time the relationship ends he has three dozen gold tipped white roses with a break up note. Parrish, sends them actually. He’s a bit enamored with his new boss but he knows Ransom’s rule about no dating between coworkers. So, he just admires him from afar while watching him go through these meaningless relationships. He doesn’t judge Parrish but he knows he deserves better. Ransom likes Parrish. Maybe a little too much. After somebody spikes the punch at the New Years party, Parrish gets the courage to profess his attraction to Ransom who can’t resist anymore. Parrish can’t work for the company if he wants Ransom but that’s a big risk knowing how often Ransom goes through men. Parrish wants Ransom’s heart but is that something he’s willing to give again.

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