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Lost Won

Lost Won - S.E. Culpepper 4.5 stars

Lost Won is another great addition to the Liaisons series. Book Three is Christian and Kevin’s story. Everyone who read book two remembers the cocktail napkin Christian carried around and we finally get the full story behind it.

The book starts out with the guy’s first meeting in Cabo. Christian has never acted on his desire for men but Kevin zones in on him from across the club. Of course Christian flees but the Kevin goes after him and they spend an amazing night getting to know each other only to have Christian run out again.

Fast forward six years later, and a chance meeting leaves both men reeling from the encounter. Christian has hoped for this for years but Kevin is so angry he won’t talk to him. Christian gets his hands on Kevin’s address and hunts him down determined to explain why he left and never called. When Christian shows up at his house, the fear of telling his family and friends who Christian really is, also that he’s gay, forces Kevin agree to a dinner with Christian who hopes to finally get his chance to tell his side of the story. The rest of the journey is a little painful, sexy and beautiful. I was so into this couple and things that normally seem sappy had me swooning.

Culpepper always manages to redeem her characters which I think is a brilliant skill for a writer to utilize. I thought Mark was an ass and then I loved him. I wanted to smack Christian and now I adore him. Now we have Money who is being a total jerk but we don’t really know why so maybe she’ll redeem him in our eyes, too? Kevin was pretty angry in the beginning of this book.

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