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The Red Heart

The Red Heart - Isabelle Rowan 3.5 stars

Daniel’s been having dreams. Strange dreams and he’s not even high this time. He’s feeling this urge to go. Get out of town and think. Really think about his life and what he wants to do now that he’s sober. For some reason he decides to visit Red rock. His plan, if you can call it that, is to drive across the desert. He keeps running into the same guy, Sam, who is something like a drifter. After a night together in the desert, Sam invites Daniel to breakfast on one of the ranches he sometimes works on. There he gets to know a little more about the friendly stranger he’s intrigued with. One of my favorite characters of the story, Bob, suggests the two were meant to find each other. Of course, he says it much more eloquent than me. He says, “You two are like a two halves of a story waiting to be told.” So the two decide to go walkabout to the Red Rock instead of the car trip Daniel had planned. Along the way the two connect and realize they may have found something they never knew they were looking for.

Sam’s character was so friendly and easy going for the most part, but at night he had terrible nightmares. He has scars inside and out that he doesn’t anyone to see. Daniel feels unworthy and lost. Like he’s missing something and he finds it in Sam. Healing Sam isn’t quite so easy but he’s set on the path to happiness after meeting Daniel.

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