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Covet Thy Neighbor

Covet Thy Neighbor - L.A. Witt 4 Stars

I really liked this addition to the Tucker Springs series. I was a little worried about just how “preachy” this book was going be but I thought it was handled wonderfully. Witt has created one hell of a sexy youth minister and he wasn’t at all what I expected. I’m pretty sure everyone will be pleasantly surprised by Darren. A toppy from the bottom minister meets an Atheist tattoo artist with commitment issues? Yep, I’m reading that book!

Seth isn’t happy to get a new neighbor because he liked the one moving out just fine and no telling what kind of crazy he will get stuck with after getting so lucky with the last one. What he gets is pure eye candy. Their first meeting in his tattoo shop has him wanting something more than a cup of sugar from the neighbor, Darren. Seems like he did something right because Darren asks him out for a beer one night and the conversation is good. The chemistry is definitely there and they’re laughing at each other’s jokes. Seth is definitely lusting for Darren but after he learns he’s a Minister he thinks a little bedroom action is off the menu. So he’s quite surprised when Darren slams him against the wall when they head back to their apartment and gets aggressive about wanting Seth. Then the fact he’s a minister is just a little pestering voice trying to ruin their fun. The sex was maybe the best he’s ever had, however, the morning after is awkward. Seth tries to avoid Darren all day but they end up right back in bed together followed by awkward morning #2! Seth likes him, the sex is great and he’s funny but something is holding him back. He’s basically obsessed with the fact Darren is a minister and not in a good way. Seth comes from a religious family who treated him very badly when he came out so he’s still angry and hurt. Darren is an amazing guy. He never pushes Seth about religion but Seth pushes him away for it. So it’s kind of the opposite of the stories we usually get with a person struggling with being gay and religion. Darren and Seth have both come to terms with being gay and their feelings on religion before meeting so there’s no struggle there. They don’t agree on the religion thing but Darren’s okay with Seth being an atheist because he likes everything else about him. Seth knows he’s never met another man like Darren but can he trust someone with that much faith to not hurt him again?

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