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Night Shift

Night Shift - Kim Fielding 4 Stars

This was a great short read. It was engaging and sexy with very likable characters. I keep getting these books with potential spoilers but I will do my best to review it spoiler free.

Aiden is trying to put his life in order. He’s an ex-con with an addiction but he’s been given one last chance on the outside. His parole officer gets him a janitor job for a hotel. Aiden doesn’t mind the job and he’s kind of resigned to his place in life. His story is a sad one and Aiden hasn’t ever had anyone to tell him he’s worth anything. You name it he’s probably been through it.

His life changes the night a handsome replacement security guard shows some interest in him. Yeah, it’s just physical at first but it’s the highlight of his pathetic existence so he’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Luka, the security guard, seeks him out every night during his break to give him a release. Soon, Aiden becomes attached to Luka but how could the beautiful intelligent Luka want anything more from him? Why does he want him anyway? It’s frustrating because Aiden doesn’t have the best social skills and Luka is surrounded in mystery. Is Luka using him and what can he be hiding that’s worse than Aiden’s past?

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