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For Men Like Us

For Men Like Us - Brita Addams 4.5 stars

I can’t imagine what it must be like to crave the affection of a man while living in fear of imprisonment for my desires, or beatings and death. That’s the reality the MCs, are living in. They’ve made it through a war but not without scars, inside and out. War affects men. It makes some men heroes who do things they never knew they could. For some it brings out their savage nature. This is the story of two men whose lives are forever altered because of such evil. Parts of this book weren’t easy to read but I just had to know the entire story.

For Men Like Us spans 1814-1820 in London and is told from the POV of Ben and Preston. Ben is seeking redemption and peace. He has lived through some truly horrible situations but he’s a survivor. Ben has some unfinished business with a man name Preston whom he finds at a whore house in London. He watches him from a distance but what started out as a need to atone quickly turns into an obsession. By accident they meet one night and Ben’s purpose becomes altered. He initially purchases Preston’s company in the idea of finally speaking with man about getting him out of that unsavory situation but once Preston turns on the seduction he can’t resist what the man is offering. Despite Preston’s claim he chose that profession he sees the sadness in the man and desperately wants to help him. Ben needs to save Preston from that life for his own Sanity.

Preston is numb after he watches his partner die in the war. The only thing that seems to break through is sex. After losing his clerk job he turns to a life as a selling his body for money. One night an older gentleman buys his company and he finds he is very attracted to him. He’s handsome and shows him kindness. He also has a kink for being punished, a skill that Preston excels at. When Ben asks for a weekly arrangement Preston agrees immediately and the two become close very quickly. The intimacy that grows with Ben helps Preston finally break free from his haze and realize he can care for someone again and in fact has feelings for Ben. Ben knows he shouldn’t be getting attached to Preston but he can’t help falling in lo

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