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Love Comes Silently

Love Comes Silently - Andrew  Grey I’ve been meaning to read a book by Andrew Grey ever since I met him at GRL last year. The man was so adorable and so was this story. I would also like to say I did NOT cry like I was expecting, so no cry baby warnings from me!

Ken Brighton is raising his daughter alone, on his own after his lover left him. To be fair, once Hanna became sick that pretty much became his main focus. It was somewhat surprising to Ken that he was okay with the split. He’s an artist and has the luxury of working from home, so he can stay home and devote all the time that Hanna needs. He manages to keep it all together for Hanna’s sake but like any parent feels the fear and despair of seeing their child fight for their life. Wishing they could take it all away and into themselves. His neighbor Patrick becomes a friend after Hanna chats him up on the street. It’s a rather one sided conversation since Ken can’t talk but Hanna and Ken manage. Soon after he brings over a mac and cheese that Hanna falls in love with, which furthers her adoration for Patrick. Ken can’t help but enjoy the man’s company. Other strange things start happening. A box full of little girl hats appear on his doorstep, his yard is taken care of if he’s at the hospital for long periods of time. Ken can’t help but think it must be his ex since nobody he talks to these days has said anything. Ken’s a little oblivious throughout the book but that’s understandable knowing the stress he’s under. He knows Patrick is special and he’s come to depend on him for comfort and companionship but what more does he have to offer? And is that something Patrick is even interested in?

Patrick lost his voice in an accident. He’s had to start his life over basically and find a new career. He also works from home as a furniture designer.

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